Why AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg?

Convenient location


One of the key features of the multifunctional complex AIRPORTCITY ST. Petersburg is its location. Premium business centers are usually located in the city center. Our complex is knowingly located outside the city center and the proximity of Ring Road eliminates the transportation problems which are typical for downtown. This location gives you a number of advantages:

  • Proximity to the Pulkovo airport
  • 500 m from the Ring Road
  • Departure to the WHSD;
  • Vicinity of cultural and historical centers: Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Strelna
  • Spacious parking
  • Location next to the large industrial enterprises, international companies and shopping centers (Coca-Cola, Neste, Russian Standard, Toyota, General Motors, Scania, Lenta, Mashtab, Pulkovo III).